We Offer the following Services

      At Prosperous Care Services, we provide support  with training and developing job skills for gainful employment. The job skill training is based on person centered goals set by our clients and their families. We also provide support with job applications, preparation for interviews and attending interviews.

      We are enthusiastic to provide assistance with household tasks so that you and your loved one’s don’t have to stress yourselves and can focus on other imporant things in your life and maintain community connections and fulfill your dreams.

      We provide asssitance with general cleaning, laundry, gardening and other chores around your home! 

      Going out and meeting people plays a very important role in physical and mental well-being.

       We value our clients role in community and society and work tirelessly to  support them to maintain healthy relationships with the family, friends and society to achieve their goals and live their dreams. We provide support to participate in wide range of recreational activities like swimming, dance clubs, gym,art classes and other activities that matter to you.

      Our well trained and qualified staff work hard to provide safe and reliable transport to people 

      living with disability. We provide transport to attend doctor and other important appointments, social activities and other day to day needs to maintain your life-style and independence.     

      Prosperous Care consistently provide professional and high quality support with daily activities to people and families with additional needs and disability to maintain their life-style, achieve their goals and live their life to best.


      Prosperous Care services provide respite care to allow family or primary caregivers to take a much needed and well-deserved break from caring for their loved ones. We are focused and committed to provide a more accessible, inclusive and all-diversity embracing environment for people with disability. We provide respite services in family friendly and safe environment in our well equipped and furnished facilities. 

      Job Skills and Employment
      Household Tasks 
      Community & Social Participation
      Assistance with Transportation
      Daily Living 
      24/7 Accomodation(Respite Care)

      A trial will convince you

      Give us a call or request a call back at a time that's best for you.

      We are available via phone from 9am - 5pm. Mondy to Friday.

      People with disability need unique and varied support which best suit to their identity and personalities. 

      At Prosperous Care, we provide tailored support

      services to cater needs of your loved ones. We consistently work with you and families to ensure you receive the services the way you want.

      Our job is to support you in achieving your goals and dreams! 

        We believe in nurturing lives, assist to develop new skills, support to build community connections and maintain healthy life-style through our wide range of specially tailored services to best suit to you and your family.